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2020 CMEF of Shanghai Exhibition

The 2018 exhibition of Shenzhen was started in October 27 to November 1.

Above photo showed a team of Belse with ultrasound machine. 

The three women are our sales managers. The man on the right is the Belse Engineer. He has professional maintenance knowledge and skilled machine operation ability. But professional show of the quality of Belse color doppler and good image effect. The tallest man is Belse Sales Director.

The left one is the Belse black-and-white trolley ultrasonic machine ( BLS-850 ), 850 shell has been newly designed for 18 years. 

The second is the trolley Color Doppler ( BLS-X6 ), X6 is the best-selling Doppler in Belse'foreign countries. Its price is very suitable for Clinics, and it has won the unanimous favor of foreign customers. 

The right machine is Belse'high quality real-time 4-dimensional Doppler ( BLS-X8 ).

The main purpose of BELSE's participation in this exhibition is to show hot popular ultrasound machines and the latest equipment as well as to meet old customers.

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