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Portable Heart Rate Patient Monitor

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Portable Heart Rate Patient Monitor
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Multi-connecting Mode
Working environment:

Electrical specifications: 110-250V/AC, 50/60HZ

Applicable Circumstances: Operating Room, Children and Adults

Display mode: TFT

Can connect Sony , Mitsubishi printer

Product features of multi-parameter monitor:

12 " color liquid crystal display, high resolution 800 *600 dpi;

Standard parameters: ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, respiratory rate, body temperature, heart rate;

Separate parameter module: ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure;

The automatic analysis function of 22 kinds of arrhythmia waveforms can be used to analyze ST segment manually in frozen state.

Classical blood oxygen temperature algorithm ensures accurate data of special monitoring objects.

Intelligent tone modulation of blood oxygen can judge the change of blood oxygen saturation by the tone change of heartbeat sound, so that medical staff can get the vital signs of patients from the hearing.

Double over-pressure protection of blood pressure and temperature drift control technology ensure patient safety.

Drug concentration calculation, titration table;

Rich and friendly interface display, standard interface, large font, breathing oxygenation map, trend coexistence, 7 ECG screens;

Standby function, temporarily stop all monitoring operations, save all settings and patient data;

Full Chinese language operation interface; friendly operating system, convenient operation of patient information inputdeletionpreservation;

Parameter color adjustment function, medical staff can customize the background, waveform, font color;

International standards, sound and light double three-level alarm, safer and more professional;

Anti-defibrillation, electrotome, power grid, EMG interference;

Large capacity built-in batteries, double batteries work continuously for 4 hours, can be directly plugged in and out, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and improve the host safety;

AC power supply indicator lamp, working status indicator lamp, real-time detection of electricity;

Battery low power alarm, critical time will not lose data.

Support power-down storage function to ensure the safety and integrity of patient data storage;

Trend: 1000 hours trend information storage and review function;

Storage: NIBP: 1000 group; Alarm: 200 group; Holographic waveform: 1 hour;

Has USB data storage, import, export functions, and subsequent software upgrades;

TCP/IP central networking function;

Built-in thermal array recorder, three tracing waveforms.

The manufacturer has passed ISO 13485:2003 international quality management system certification.

Standard configuration: ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, respiratory rate, body temperature, heart rate;

Optional configuration: built-in thermal array recorder, optional touch screen function, NELLCOR blood oxygen, SunTech blood pressure

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