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vtetrinary ultrasound

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    Pocket Ultrasound machine for animal

    Pocket Ultrasound machine for animal

    Application places: pet clinics, pet shops Application scope: animal pregnancy test, examination of abdomen, blood vessel, epidermis, bone tissue, heart, etc. Product features: Built-in lithium battery, can work continuously for 2-3 hours. Small size, easy to carry; equipped with special suitcase and shoulder strap, easy to use. The monitor size is 5.6 inches. Quality control: Belse is a company specializing in the production of ultrasound equipment, with 16 years of experience. Have its own R&D, production, sales, and after-sales service team. The main purpose of the after-sales service team is to assist the sales department in solving after-sales problems. The service is timely and the cost is low.

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