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handheld color doppler ultrasound

  • Handheld Color Doppler Ultrasound

    Handheld Color Doppler Ultrasound

    1. Package dimension: 48 length x 46 width x 43 height ( cm ) 2. 15 inch LCD Medical monitor 3. Probe interface: 2, support development 3 ports 4. Scanning modes: B-mode, dual B-mode, M-mode , B/M, 4B, color M-mode, Wave Doppler ( PW, CFM, PDI, B/C, PW ). 5. Archiving to various media ( CD-RW disc, DVD-ROM, flash-card ) 6. Other types ports: 4 USB, W-Lan, VGA, S-video Included software of the abdominal cavity, retroperitoneal space, obstetrics, gynecology, superficial organs, vessels and pelvic organs, studies of the musculoskeletal system

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