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(COVID-19)BELSE has never stopped!


Dear Customers,




It has been eight months since the corona virus first appearance. In order to control the spread of the virus, many countries have entered the isolated state. During this time, people couldn’t work, businesses couldn’t run normally. It has caused the great loss.


However, China has back to normal for about 6 months. We believe that other countries will back to normal soon. We have heard the news that some countries are preparing for work resumption. And more countries will become a part of it.

So what should we do at this time?


As your reliable partner in China, BELSE has never stopped.

(1). We are working on our new products. Guarantee our production line. we are going to have a great update in the near future. We will try our best for you to have more choice from us.

(2). Also, we have prepared new marketing materials for all our partners. We have a new brochure, pictures, videos and presentations for each model. Please kindly ask our regional sales manager for those. Also if you have special requirements for your market, please also let us know. We will try to satisfy you.


As our trustworthy partner locally, it’s time for you to take some action.

(1). After this time, governments will pay more attention to the construction of basic medical care. They will have new policies and more economic support. Also, they will have more requirements for basic medical equipment. So that we suggest you pay more attention to government trends. It will be a great chance.

(2). For all your end-user customers, they may have shelved their purchase plan due to the epidemic. We think they may need the machine more urgently to deal with what may happen in the future. So give your customers a phone call and ask their current plan.


The whole world is trying to take control of this epidemic. Also, the whole world needs economic development. There will be a balance between them. During this period, we need to seize every opportunity to make up for our losses.


So all my dear friends, BELSE is ready for it. Are you?

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