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  • 1.What payment terms do you accept?

    T/T(Telegraphic transfer), Western Union, Quick Return, Cash, Bank Payment in China.

  • 2.What is your delivery time?

    General 3-7 working days after received payment portable ultrasound ( BLS-810, BLS-830, BLS-820) less 5 units , will delivery within 3 working days.

  • 3.What shipping term do you use?

    1-portable ultrasound use DHL,Fedex,UPS,TNT,Air(less 3units) 2-Trolley ultrasound use Air,shipping cost is cheap and fast ( per unit ) 3-Bulk purchase are shipped by air and sea. 4-Customers can also appoint their own forwarders.

  • 4.How to choose the probe you need?

    3.5Mhz Convex probe: Liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidney, pancreas, gynecology, obstetrics, prostate,Examination of pregnant women and fetuses etc. 6.5Mhz Transvaginal probe: Gynecological examinations, such as vagina and fallopian tube 7.5Mhz Linear probe: Blood vessels, muscles, small organs, such as breast, thyroid 5.0Mhz Mirco convex probe/phase probe Cardiac examination Volume probe Examination of the fetus or pregnant woman to see three-dimensional images

  • 5.Are you an ultrasound manufacturer?

    Yes,Belse specializes in the production of four types of products: Black-and-white ultrasound Color Doppler ultrasound(2d/3d/4d) Ultrasound-guided visual abortion machine ENT Treatment unit At the same time, we also buy ultrasound related products:Sony printer, Sony paper

  • 6.Where is the location of Belse' factory?

    Xuzhou city, Jiangsu Province, China.

  • 7.What certificate does Belse products have?

    All products have ISO9001 and ISO13485 Trolley color dopplerBLS-X6, BLS-X3 have SONCAP ( Nigeria )

  • 8.What quality assurance does Belse provide?

    We offer a 12-month warranty. Negotiable according to customer's needs During the warranty period, there are any problems (non-human damage) in the product. Belse promises to provide free accessories and send detailed operation videos of replacement parts to ensure the safety and normal operation of the machine. For products that need maintenance beyond the warranty period, Bells promises to charge only a very low cost of spare parts, and to provide free instructions for replacement or repair of spare parts. Beyond that, Belse has promised to supply machine parts for eight years.

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