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ENT Treatment unit field test image

BELSE(Xuzhou Belse Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd ) luxury single-ENT Treatment unit , doctor in the hospital on-site inspection of machine images

ENT machine includes equipment: marble table of ENT, CCD camera, cold light source, LED monitor, workstation Monitor, host of computer, ink printer, viewing lamp, mirror, patient chair and doctor chair

The whole thing looks elegant and beautiful.

The doctor checks the operation of the machine as follows. He illuminates his hand with a mirror. The monitor immediately presents an N-fold magnified image of the hand ( the muscle texture of the irradiated part is clearly displayed ). The doctor observes the image, fills in the diagnosis report in the workstation, and prints it. By the way, the image printed on film is placed on the viewing lamp, which is more convenient to watch, and it won't be fatigue of the doctor's eyes.

After the machine was tested, the doctor was satisfied with Belse'ENt treatment unit.

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